Paleohacks Snacks CookbookPaleo diet is a diet that is quite popular nowadays because it is proven to bring benefits for health. Quite a lot of people who have followed this diet. But there were those who felt quite hard to follow this diet. The snacks fans. Yes, because this diet requires them to stay away from processed snack. Maybe you are one of them ?. If yes, then the Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook can be the right answer for your problem.

This Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook was written by Paleohacks team. A paleo community that wrote the Paleohacks Cookbook. But this paleo snacks recipes book is not part of Paleohacks Cookbook. The recipes inside are different. There are two books that you will get if you purchase it. The Paleohacks Sweet Snacks Cookbook, and the Paleohacks Savory Snacks Cookbook.

Inside the Paleohacks Snacks Cookbooks

w8tluC5Paleohacks Sweet Snacks Cookbook is 43 pages long recipe book. This recipe book contains 30 paleo sweet snack recipes. Not too much, indeed. But these are selected recipes that not only delicious, but also will give you quite a lot of energy. Maybe you‘re interested in trying the delights Granola Snack Bars as shown in the picture?. You will find it on page 13. Or interested in trying the Pecan & Banana Mini-Bars that you will find on page 25?. Or Fresh Mango Wedges With Mint, Pepper and Coconut Sugar?. Try it, then you will like it.

The second book, Paleohacks Savory Snack Cookbook is 93 pages long. It contains 71 savory paleo snack. Yes, more than sweet paleo snacks in the first book. The recipes are varied, and give you satisfaction in choosing. Maybe you want to try Spiced Seeds with Almond Slivers that you will find on page 23?. Or Roma Tomatoes with Hemp Seeds and Tahini Dressing like in the picture below?. Or …., okay, there are many other delicious paleo savory snacks recipes in this book.


There are quite much selected recipes that you’ll get from both books in Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook package. Some recipes accompanied by photos that make you know how the snacks look like. All recipes are made from ingredients that you can find easily in groceries near you. Tasty?. If you cook it properly, yes. But you don’t need to worry, with the easy to follow cooking instruction you will not find difficulty in making your favorite paleo snacks.

Benefit from Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook

Benefit that you will get from Paleohacks SnackS Cookbook?. You no longer need to eat processed snack that actually not good for your health. Because you can make your own snacks that not only delicious, but also healthy. You will get the benefit of paleo diet from these snacks. You can enjoy snacking while you are still following the healthy paleo lifestyle.

However, there’s one thing you need to know. These books are pure recipes books that contain only recipes. There’s no cooking lesson, there’s no measurement information. And, there’s no anything about paleo diet, although is a paleo recipe package. It’s because the Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook was created for people who already follow paleo lifestyle. And already know how to cook.

For some people, few snacks, just very few, in this paleo snacks  recipes book are not really snack. Because need plate to eat it. But most are true snack that you can enjoy like you enjoy processed snacks from supermarket.

But overall, this paleo snack recipes package is good. Worth to be recommended for paleo enthusiasts who want to enjoy paleo healthy snacks. Especially for those who busy in their modern activities. So they can enjoy snack while riding car, or even while working.

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