Paleohacks CookbookAre you interested to start paleo lifestyle?. And you are looking for a “pocket friendly” paleo diet guide?. Then the Paleohacks Cookbook can be the best choice. With only $10 you will get seven modules, more than other paleo diet guides. These modules will help you to start live in paleo way. And over 300 paleo recipes in this package will help you to enjoy your diet. But the most important is, Paleohacks Cookbook is created by experts in paleo diet. This is why I recommend this paleo diet guide to anyone who want to start the healthy paleo lifestyle.

Paleohacks Cookbook packages

Okay, now we take a look at the Paleohacks Cookbook packages. The first is The Paleohacks 30-Day Jumpstart. This is actually a beginner’s guide of paleo diet. This e-book opened with introduction of paleo diet, including what the dieter should do and should not do. And different than some other paleo diet guide, the 30-Day Jumpstart teaches the dieter how to live paleo in the 21st century. It’s very useful because the dieters are living in this modern age. But the most important part is “10 Steps To Successful Action!” It will help the paleo dieters to reach their goal and avoid them from getting failed in their paleo diet.

The next modules are Paleohacks Cookbook part one and part two. This recipes book splitted into two because the recipes are much. And the pages would be too long if the recipes compiled only in single book. Paleohacks Cookbook part one itself contain 136 recipes, while part two contain 137 recipes. The recipes are varies, and cover much categories such as breakfast, meat, seafood, dessert, etc. With instructions that will not make the dieters hard to follow. The number of recipes will make the dieters have many choice, and prevent them from getting bored.

Other Modules in Paleohack Cookbook

The Paleo 4x is interesting module. It teaches the dieter to create delicious paleo recipes using only four ingredients at a time. There are 65 delicious paleo recipes in this 40 pages module. This module decorated with attractive photos of ingredients, although not in every recipe. Also there is few photos of paleo dishes that created with the recipes in this module. Yes, the Paleo 4x is very interesting although other modules in Paleo Cookbook package are interesting too.

Paleohacks Cookbook

Paleo Food Guide is a short module that contain the list of foods which paleo dieter can eat. And interestingly, this food guide also contain list of fruits and vegetables at the season. It makes the dieters can adjust their diet with fruits and vegetables that available in the market at the moment.

Paleo Meal Plan is the eating guide that help the dieters to plan the foods they should eat in 30 days. It’s complete with photos of the some foods from Paleo Cookbook part one and two.

As social person who live in the society, must be some time you must eating out, with family, friends, or colleagues. Indeed, it can ruin your paleo diet plan. But don’t worry, with “Eating Paleo at Restaurant” guide, you can still eat in paleo way. This useful module is more than just guidance to choose food in restaurant. But also will teach you the tips to make you able to face temptation that can break your paleo diet.

Who created the Paleohacks Cookbook?.

The Paleohacks Cookbook package was written by chef Samantha, from Paleohacks community. A community that established and dedicated to help those who want to live in healthy paleo lifestyle. The recipes themselves created by paleo enthusiasts in the community , and have been tested.

As a paleo diet guide, the Paleohacks Cookbook is worth to be recommended. It covers the important things that the paleo dieters have to know. The recipes themselves are much enough and selected well. The Paleohacks Cookbook package presented in good aesthetic that will make the readers feel comfortable when they read it. But the most important is, it gives special discount. You can get the entire package with only $10. Price, this is the main factor that makes me recommend this paleo lifestyle guide.

Interested?. You can buy the Paleohacks Cookbook from its official site. Click the button below to visit the site where you can buy through clicking buy button. But remember, you have only 15 minutes to get the Paleohacks Cookbook in special discounted price before the price back to $50 again.

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