Paleo Happiness CookbookPaleo lifestyle makes you happy. This is the message that conveyed by The Paleo Happiness Cookbook, the comprehensive paleo cooking guide. And it’s true. With paleo lifestyle you can gain the better health and avoid obesity. But not only this. Paleo diet will also increase your energy level, and increase your sleep quality. Other benefit are, you will get lean muscle and stronger immune system. This is why paleo diet become popular in this 21st century.

Yes, the popularity of paleo diet make many people interested to follow paleo lifestyle. Not because trend, but because they want to gain benefit from this diet. However, not everyone knows how to start this diet and what foods they should eat. They need guide that can teach them the proper way to follow paleo diet. Maybe you are one of them?. Don’t worry, now you can start your paleo lifestyle with the right guide.

The Paleo Happiness Cookbook

Written by Anthony Biggs, The Paleo Happiness Cookbook is “recipe book plus”. I mean, in this paleo cookbook you will not only get paleo recipes, but also beneficial lessons about paleo diet. It will teaches you how to start your diet in proper way, will makes you easier to follow this diet. And Finally you will feel the happiness of paleo lifestyle.

What are inside The Paleo Happiness Cookbook?

There are 201 paleo recipes in The Paleo Happiness Cookbook that organized in 14 categories, from breakfast, smoothies, soup, lamb, chicken, into dessert. 201 recipes, indeed, not so much. But the recipes are varied and can cover many of foods that you like. And you will enter the recipes section in this 268 pages e-book at page 47.


As I’ve said, this is not just a recipe book, but a paleo diet guide book. So when you read this book, at first you will learn the basic knowledge, What is the Paleo Diet?. Continued with History of Paleo Diet, and Benefit of Paleo Diet. These basic knowledges are very useful for anyone who wants to start live in paleo lifestyle. The next chapters are about paleo foods. What foods you should eat, what foods you should avoid. The Paleo Happiness Cookbook explains it in very detail, with explanation that will make you understand why there are foods you have to eat, why you should avoid eating some foods.

Then you will go to the section about cook preparation. Started with essential kitchen utensils. What cooking tools you need to prepare?. It’s very important because using the right tools will make you easier to cook. Then you will learn about kitchen hygiene, ingredients you should prepare, cooking method, and shopping tips. These are the subjects you have to learn before you start cooking your paleo foods.

Paleo Recipes

Now are you ready to cook?. Okay, you can go to the recipes section. As mentioned before, there are 14 categories in this paleo cooking guide. In the beginning of every food category there is brief explanation. In example, in lamb category you will get a guide of how to choose the good quality lamb meat. How to store lamb meat to make it always fresh.

The Paleo Happiness Cookbook

Recipes in The Paleo Happiness Cookbook are simple. You will not face difficulty to cook the recipe that you like. The recipes indeed, not ‘sophisticated’ like recipes from famous chefs. But it’s because Anthony Biggs created this paleo cooking guide for ordinary people who want to cook healthy food. And Anthony arranged the recipes very well. With instruction that easy to be followed by ordinary people.

Okay, maybe you have question, is The Paleo Happiness Cookbook right for you?. It’s depend on what your purpose to buy a paleo guide. If you have problem with weight and you need a weight loss guide, then this book is not for you. The Paleo Happiness Cookbook does not teach you how to eat to lose weight. Like what you should eat in first week, in second week, in the third week. But this is a paleo recipe book that will help you to live paleo. And this digital book can be the right beginner guide for anyone who interested to live in paleo lifestyle.

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