Paleo CookbookThe Nikki Young’s Paleo Cookbook is actually the old product because this digital book issued in 2007. But I still include in the list because this paleo diet guide is still worth considering for those who are interested to follow the paleo healthy lifestyle. This book was written by Nikki Young, a follower of the paleo diet who believes that the paleo diet is actually designed by nature, not by a doctor or nutritionist. Nikki Young also believes that the person who follow paleo diet will be able to achieve an increase in energy, smoother skin, good weight loss results, better performance and a strong immune system. A claims that have been proven by those who follow the paleo diet seriously.

The Paleo Cookbook

This paleo diet guide consists of two books. The first is “Recipes for the 21st century hunter-gatherer”. As the name implies, this is a healthy paleo cookbooks with dishes that made from natural ingredients which not different from what our ancestors ate. But of course the recipes in paleo cookbook have been adapted to modern cuisine. The second is the “Paleo eating for modern people”. This is the part that will teach you how to follow the paleo diet like our ancestors, but still live as 21st century modern human.

All recipes in the Paleo Cookbook made with paleo ingredients, without adding non paleo ingredients. Each material has its own nutritional value. These materials contain vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, low GL carbohydrates, etc. And regarduing the nutritional value, the authors used them in recipes very carefully. For those who want to follow and that has begun to follow the Paleo diet, these books can be a great help for them.

375 recipes in Paleo Cookbook are simple enough to be made. Recipes in the first book organized into eleven categories which consist of, snack, salads, soups, meat, chicken, seafood, omelettes, desserts, chocolate, capsicum sandwich, and noodle recipes.  And in the second book organized into two categories, paleo breakfast recipes, and foccacias. The recipes are varies and give you enough much choices.

paleo meals

These books teach that human should eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and animal meats since they are natural foods, and when we eat natural foods, our bodies functions will either systematically. The processed foods and foods which loaded with extra sugar will only harm our bodies. Paleo recipes in this book are made with natural ingredients that are not only healthy but also very tasty, easy to be made without requiring any special skills as a chef.

Pros and cons of the Paleo Cookbook

Indeed, there’s a weak side in the Paleo Cookbook, lack of pictures. The recipes, although well structured, are displayed in texts. It makes people who familiar with cooking for fun can be less motivated to start cooking because that can’t see how the food look like. But people who serious want to follow paleo healthy lifestyle will not see it as problem. And Nikki Young actually created this paleo diet guide for serious people.

But of course, there is positive strong side in the Paleo Cookbook, the recipes themselves. The recipes in this paleo healthy guide are created with purpose to make the users gain the better health. Avoid them from obesity. And prevent them from diseases that caused by unhealthy modern eating habit. The recipes themselves have been proven can improve stamina.

The Paleo Cookbook get recommendation from several reputable athletes and crossfit trainers. Also get recommendation from several paleo expert. This is what make this paleo diet cooking guide worth to be considered by anyone who want to gain the benefit of paleo healthy lifestyle. Yes, not every paleo guide get recommendation from reputable athletes.

The Paleo Cookbook provides five bonus. 30 Days Paleo Meal Plan that will help you in preparing the meal plan. Paleo Food Guide that will help you to start and stay paleo with ease. Then the Paleo Eating Out Guide that will help you to stay paleo when you are eating out in restaurant or café. Paleo Deliciouis Lamb Roasts and Paleo Recipes Cookbook. And, 4 Ingredients Paleo Cookbook. Interesting bonuses, of course.

Yeah, as I’ve said above, the Paleo Cookbook is the old product. But still worth to be chosen for anyone who want to gain the benefit of paleo healthy lifestyle.

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