Healthy PaleoMany people say that health is our most precious belonging. It is true. And I’m sure you agree because you have ever realized it, at least when you are sick. Yes, you may have a supercar or a yacht. But without good health, could you enjoy it?. Of course not. Indeed, to be healthy you need to do several things. Maintain cleanliness, do sport regularly, and apply a healthy diet. However, which healthy diet which you should choose?. The answer is the paleo diet, also known as caveman diet. A unique diet that being popular nowadays. Yes, being healthy with healthy paleo lifestyle is a good choice to gain the good health.

Healthy With Paleo is the paleo diet guide written by Sara J Brown. Made for those who want to switch their lifestyle into the healthy paleo lifestyle. Yes, this is a beginners guide. The idea to write this guide is actually derived from the experience of Sara J Brown herself. She had tried various diets in order to get better health. Until he finally got a good result after applying the paleo diet. It made her want to share her experience and her knowledge about this diet. With the purpose to make other people could gain benefit from the paleo diet as well. So she collected all the notes and records of her experience and research, and then compile them into an easy to read step-by-step guide which she named it as Healthy With Paleo.

Healthy Paleo Lifestyle.

Healthy With Paleo is 92 pages e-book that actually consist of two main sections. The first section is introduction and guide to paleo diet. And the second section is paleo recipes. The first section opened with article about diet and health which Sara talks about obesity in US as study case. An interesting in-depth health article, although actually not specific about paleo. In her article she also shows the diseases that linked to obesity, and take conclusion that obesity and those diseases can be avoided with healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. And the healthy diet she propose is …. paleo diet, of course.

What Inside?

Jump to the next sub-section of the first section. You will start learn about what is paleo diet, and why you should choose paleo diet. Yes, you will learn basic knowledge of paleo diet. Then you you will go to sub-section about preparation to healthy paleo lifestyle and how to make you stay healthy. There are many beneficial knowledge that you will learn in these sub-sections.

The second section is about paleo recipes which consist of eight sub-sections, based on the kind of food. How many recipes inside?. Only 33. Yes, not much if you see it in quantity. But in quality?. These recipes are selected recipes. This paleo book present the recipes with long and detailed cooking instruction. And it will make you easier to cook the food.


The small number of recipe shows that Sara J Brown created Healthy With Paleo not as recipe book. But as paleo diet beginner guide. The ‘power’ of this e-book indeed, is in the first part. Although the second part about recipe should be appreciated too. This e-book presented in beautiful artistic design, with beautiful photos, that will make you enjoy to read it. But the most important is, Sara wrote the health and paleo articles inside in the way that easily to be understood. It makes the readers easier to learn about paleo and start to life the healthy paleo lifestyle.

What you will get?.

There’s no bonus that you will get. But you will get “four but one” products. I mean, four products which actually same. The first is e-book that I have described above. The second is videos. No, no, you will not see Sara in the videos. But you will see photos and illustration which mostly are different than in e-book. With narration of woman’s voice that read the article and recipes in e-book. The video series consist of nine videos that you must download one by one, not at once. The audio series actually is the voice version of the video. Same narration. While the four is the link to the hidden page of Healthy With Paleo website where you can watch videos. Same videos as you download.

Price : US$ 17