Fat Burning ChefAbel James, the author of Fat Burning Chef, is popular figure in health and diet field. His work has been featured in WIRED Magazine, Paleo Living, and hundreds of media outlets in health, business, psychology, and technology. And the Fat Burning Chef is one of his popular work.

Fat Burning Chef that review in this article is a weight loss program and recipes book in digital form, that you can download via computer. The program does not urge you to only eat low-calorie foods as possible that will make you feel not powered, but it will teach you about food and how to eat that will encourage your body works to burn fat. In this way your body will produce more energy that will make you feel always fit. In contrast to the usual low-calorie diet that will only make you feel sluggish.

About Fat Burning Chef

This is a compilation of more than 150 fat burner recipes that created by 28 famous paleo chefs, including Abel James himself. Who are the other chefs?. You can see the list on Fat Burning Chef official website through clicking the buton below.

The recipes organized in 8 categories that consist of breakfast, snacks-sides-appetizers, soup recipes, beef entrees, pork entrees, poultry entrees, seafood entrees, decadent dessert. These recipes displayed with photographs that will make you easier to make.


In quantity, the number of recipes maybe not so much. But in quality?. Recipes in Fat Burning Chef are selected recipes from famous paleo chefs that not only delicious. But also will help you to burn your fat. Maybe you want to try egg foo yong & spicy secret sauce from Melissa Joulwan for breakfast?. Or sweet potato salad with bacon from Svenja Trierscheid?. Or, if you want to get much energy you must try paleo chocolate energy bar from Lucas Root.

Fat Burning Chef is a recipe book, but its content is not only recipes. You will also learn how to prepare your kitchen, food ingredients, tips for getting healthy nutritious fresh food. And in the last part is about the recipes creators, which you will learn more about people behind the recipes. Complete with links to their websites.

What I really appreciate from the Fat Burning Chef is, this recipes book designed very artistic, that make it look very beautiful. This is what make this book has plus point, compared with other paleo recipes book. The recipes themselves are the five stars recipes that not only delicious, but also have been proven can help your diet if you want to reduce your weight. In another word, the Fat Burning Chef is the special class paleo recipes book.

Bonuses from Fat Burning Chef.

There are four bonuses that you will get if you purchase this paleo recipes book.

  • Second copy of Fat Burning Chef that you can give to your family or friends.
  • 23 Cooking Tips From The Top Kitchens In Paleo. Cooking tips and tricks from top paleo chefs and bloggers.
  • The Wild Diet Quick Start Guide. How to burn fat while eating delicious foods?. This is what you will learn from this bonus.
  • Video coaching from Abel James. He will teaches you the fastest and most effective to lose the fat belly.

Ready to get better health while enjoying delicious foods?. Click the button below to the Fat Burning Chef official website.

Price : US$ 27