1000 Paleo RecipesWhat comes to your mind when you hear the term 1000 recipes ?. Recipes in large quantity, of course. Yes, you will find about 1000 paleo recipes in this paleo cookbook package. Large collection of healthy recipes that will give you the benefits of the paleo diet. Such as loosing weight, increasing energy, slowing the aging process, etc. All recipes in the cookbooks are based on caveman diet from stone age. But all of these paleo recipes have been adapted to the modern lifestyle. Because you are modern era human, aren’t you?.

The huge quantity of recipes, indeed, one of the hallmarks of this paleo cookbooks package. But this is not the only advantage. It is also a paleo diet guide that created by the experts of the paleo diet, and supported by paleo community. Then, what will you get ?. Let’s take a look.

1000 Paleo Recipes Books

The first is the recipe in large quantities. Divided into 16 categories such as chicken, fish, dessert, and a few other categories. All of these recipes are displayed in pdf documents which you can download. The large number of recipes might make you confused to choose. But it’s better if you see from the other side, the variation of the recipe that will make you avoid boredom in following the paleo diet.

1000 PR

One interesting category is the Hot and Cold Veggies with 57 recipes inside. This part is perfect for fans of vegetables, although the 1000 Paleo Recipes is not for vegetarians. Snack on-the-go is interesting category. This is perfect for those who love to enjoy snacking, but want to avoid eating junk snacks. But other categories are also interesting, actually. And a large number of recipes will satisfy you if you have hobby of cooking.

Cooking instructions in any recipe easy enough to follow. And every cookbook in this paleo recipe collection begins with valuable information pertaining to the type of food. For example, in the category of Red Meat explained that the best is the meat of livestock on organic farms, which do not use growth hormones. Disadvantages of recipe books in this package is lack of image. But this is not an issue for you, isn’t it ?.

Paleo Quickstart Guide

The second part is the Paleo Quickstart Guide. This is an ebook along 21 pages, excluding the cover and table of contents. Not long indeed. But contains solid information that is very useful for those who want to start a paleo lifestyle. But the most important thing is, this guide is made by an expert in the paleo diet. So it does not only shows which foods you should eat, which foods you have to avoid.

Making Paleo Fun is the most interesting part of the Paleo this Quickstart Guide. Because this will make you love the paleo lifestyle and will greatly help the success of your diet. But of course the other parts are very interesting as well, and will make you understand about the paleo diet, and helps you start paleo lifestyle in a proper way.

The Story Behind 1000 Paleo Recipes

This guide of healthy lifestyle created by Matt Smith, a paleo chef and co-founder of “Paleovalley”, a paleo institution that established with goal and dream to enable 100 million people around the world to find better health. Matt Smith himself was one of the participants in the 30 days paleo challenge who managed to lose weight by 30 pounds within a few weeks. And this is what made him interested in writing the “1000 Paleo Recipes”. He hopes others can also get benefit from paleo diet, including weight reduction for those who have problem with body weight.

But how could Matt created 1000 healthy paleo recipes. Actually the recipes were not created by Matt himself, but created by people in Paleovalley community. Yes, if you buy the 1000 Paleo Recipes, you will also get access to join with other paleo lifestyle enthusiasts in the Paleovalley community.

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