Paleo is not just a diet, but the way of life known as the paleo lifestyle. This lifestyle is gaining popularity in the 21st century because it has been proven to provide many benefits. Lose weight, slow aging, improvising digestion, increase stamina, and …. some other benefits. Yes, it has proved to those who have switched to this healthy lifestyle.

paleo lifestyle

Paleo eating

Basically paleo lifestyle is to follow the diet of our ancestors in the paleolithic era. Which they were known as hunter gatherers who ate only natural foods they found. But that does not mean if you follow the paleo diet you eat only raw foods. Of course you can eat food that is cooked in a modern way. It’s just that you have to avoid certain types of food types. like wheat, rice, processed food, sugar, foods with preservatives.

For the modern human switch to the paleo diet may be hard because they have to leave some of their favorite foods. Such as bread, spaghetti, potato chips, ice cream, pop corn, and various other types of modern food. Yes, sacrifices are necessary to get good results in following a healthy paleo lifestyle. So does this mean no pain no gain ?. Hmm …. not exactly like that, because the paleo lifestyle actually follow the principle of … gain without pain.

Yes, you do not have to worry about losing the convenience of living just because leaving some of your favorite foods. Nowadays a lot of paleo food recipes have been created that include two things at once, healthy and delicious. So in fact you will only switch from eating the deliciously unhealthy foods to healthy foods that more delicious. You can find healthy paleo recipes in cookbooks featured in the articles in this blog. Not only recipes for main meals, but also include recipes of paleo snacks.

How to start a paleo lifestyle

The main thing you must have is the willingness. The willingness to start a healthier lifestyle. Then start by removing the idea that paleo is diet (in a general sense), and replace it with the thought that it is ahealthy lifestyle. If you think that the paleo is just an a ususl diet, the you will begin to imagine the suffering of hunger. And so maybe you’d quit before you feel the benefits of the paleo lifestyle.

Then begin to learn to recognize the foods that you should eat and foods you should avoid. Begin to get rid of food that is not paleo from your refrigerator, and replace them with groceries paleo. Then arrange your kitchen to make you feel more comfortable in cooking your favorite paleo foods.

The next step is to start cooking. Not only for you but also for your family and your friends. Invite family members and friends to enjoy paleo meal together is highly recommended. They can be a motivator for you to follow a healthy paleo lifestyle. And you are also encouraged to join in the paleo community to get a better motivation.

Is paleo guide necessary?

Preferably yes. By following the instructions of experts in paleo diet, you will get better results. Also you will feel more comfortable in following the paleo lifestyle. Experts paleo chefs will give you paleo food recipes that not only healthy, but also delicious. You can get guide to follow the paleo lifestyle and get deliciously healthy paleo recipes from paleo guides featured in this blog.

Paleo Lifestyle

Welcome to the paleo lifestyle.